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Colin is LIVE!

Colin is finally here!

Want to hear what reviewers are saying about it?

"Colin and Marley have made a HUGE mess for themselves after a very drunk one night stand. Marley is a detective in Vegas. Colin, well, let's just say his line of business wouldn't be very good for Marley. Needless to say their journey is full of excitement and surprises and I even laughed a little. Colin's addition to this series is an absolute must read. There's nothing about Colin and Marley's journey that I didn't completely love."

"How does a Las Vegas police detective and New York mafia man find themselves in an impossible situation? Alcohol. Lots of alcohol.

Colin and Marley find themselves in a situation they both swore would never happen to them.

This story is a good one. It flows well and you get the chance to watch this unusual couple realize fate brought them together and they want and need to stay together.

Marley and Colin are likeable characters."

"This story has Colin Doherty seeing Marley price across the dance floor in Las Vegas and know he wants her. Both have secrets, but a drunken night has them married. Fantastic story."

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