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Tristian (The Doherty Mafia #5) is LIVE!

Tristian is finally here!

Check out the sneak peek below!

She stood up and asked if she could use the toilet.

“You don’t need my permission to use the toilet,” I said with a grin. Elsie gave me a sheepish look and walked away.

I figured she’d just asked out of habit. The habit of being held captive by the Barons. I hadn’t yet asked her for the details on her captivity and how difficult that experience was for her. I figured she didn’t want to discuss it right away.

While I waited for her to return, I rooted through my fridge and found a big tub of mint chocolate chip ice cream. I didn’t remember buying it—I must’ve been drunk.

But I brought it back to the living room with two big spoons.

Elsie looked visibly surprised to see the ice cream when she returned. I’d already dug into it, tapping the other spoon on the tub.

Without a word, she joined me on the couch and took the spoon from me. We both took scoops of ice cream and ate them in silence for a while.

I was aware of her sitting there beside me, our legs touching, her hair carelessly falling on my shoulder.

She took another spoon to her mouth and this time, a greenish layer of mint ice cream remained on her lower tongue. I wanted to lick it off so bad my cock throbbed with desire for her.

Elsie turned to me and caught me staring. She looked into my eyes like she knew exactly what I was thinking.

“Is there something you’d like to say to me?” she asked.

I put my spoon down.

“No,” I replied. My voice was like a deep groan while I battled my need for her. “But there’s something I want to do to you instead.”

I heard her breathe in sharply as I leaned into her. She turned her face up towards me like she expected it. She knew exactly what was coming. I framed her face with my hands and tipped her head backwards, covering her mouth with mine.

My tongue pushed in, tasting the mint ice cream on her tongue. She kissed me back just as fiercely as I kissed her. My fingers crept up, weaving into her thick silky hair while I took possession of her mouth.

My cock was out of control, and she reached for it while we kissed. Grabbing me, stroking me, making me come alive.

I wasn’t expecting it from her. I wasn’t expecting Elsie to be so bold, but she was.

In almost every way possible, Elsie Harlow surprised me and I wasn’t yet sure if that was a good thing or not.

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