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Bender (Steel Scorpions MC #1)

I'm not telling her sh*t.

Big-time reporter sticking her nose into the club's business.
Ain't nobody got time for that.
The Steel Scorpions have bigger problems.
But she won't let it go.
And those blue eyes are searching me for answers.
Aria is pulling me in, quick.
She's a spitfire, but can she handle my level of heat?
We're about to find out.

Angel (Steel Scorpions MC #2)


Nobody takes anything from me.

Nadia isn't someone's property.
She's a lady, that one.
Beautiful, poised, graceful.
Everything I tell myself I shouldn't want.
But I do.
And when they take her, hell,
They're f*ckin done for.
She's mine, idiots.
They'll pay.
I'll make sure of it.

Goose (Dirty Misfits MC #3)

I think she's a liar.

Everyone believes Harley is some damsel in distress.
But that spark in her eye?
No f*ckin way.
She's trouble.
I know it.
Problem is, I like the bad girls.
The ones with a reputation.
Because they're up for a good time.
And Harley, well she's no angel.
A devil in disguise.
But once I fall for her...
All hell breaks loose.

Viper (Steel Scorpions MC #4)


She's not my type.

Lila is all about looks and money.
I only care about my bike and my brothers.
But after a fire breaks out and she plays hero,
I wonder if there's more than meets the eye.
She thinks I'm just some muscle.
I think she's hot AF.
A little tryst between coworkers never hurt.

Reaper (Steel Scorpions MC #5)


She's not really my fiancée.

I've known Rose forever.
Since we were kids.
She has sh*t taste in dudes.
Like that f*ckin ex of hers.
So she wants to get pretend engaged.
She thinks then, he'll leave her alone.
Hell yeah, he will.
Except once that ring is on her finger,
I get... feelings.
Now I gotta beat the old husband's ass,
While picking out a suit,
For a wedding, I actually want.
What f*ckery is this?

Fangs (Steel Scorpions MC #6)


She's not like anyone I've ever met.

I mean we're f*ckin prisoners.
I let the Devil's Rage snatch my ass.
And Julia, well, I think they'd kill her if they got the chance.
But that won't happen.
I don't need a gun to end them.
And my brothers will come for us.
Then the Devil's Rage will wish they'd never been born.
Because in the end,
The Scorpions always get their prey.

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