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I can look, but I can’t touch.

As the enforcer of The Lost Boys MC, I am used to getting my hands dirty. 
I’ve always kept my emotions in check. 
It helps given the position I am in. 
When I was tasked with watching over our President’s sister,
I was ready for it.
What I wasn’t ready for, is how that beauty would pull at my heart.
I’ve known Ella for years. 
After a horrible break up with her ex, all I wanted to do was protect her. 
But now, all I want is to bend her over and make her mine. 
I know I should resist her. 
But I think my heart has other plans. 


I always get what I want. Until now.

The club has been infiltrated.
There’s a cop who knows too much. 
And it’s my job as President to clean up this sh*t.
I can’t afford any distractions. 
But when Hayley slams into my bike, she’s all I think about. 
Her thick curves make me want to take her for a ride. 
She quickly becomes the stress relief that I need. 
However, the closer we get, the more questions about the club she has. 
I won’t risk the club again with another outsider.
Even though I’m starting to feel Hayley could be so much more. 
Can I trust her with the most important part of my life…and my heart?


There’s no one left to trust.

Our contacts turned.
The gang we trusted, now works with the cop who betrayed us.
The club is at risk like never before.
And I would do anything to protect them all.
So, when an innocent and gorgeous girl storms into my life, she throws everything off course..
All I want is her long legs wrapped around my waist.
Freya is determined to search for her half-sister, but things got complicated. 
The only clue she has to find her sister is a picture – of Hayley. 
I don’t know who to trust.
Only, Freya keeps pulling me back in.
When she is threatened, I’ll stop at nothing to keep her safe.
Even if that means going against my club.


I never sleep alone.

That's why they call me Notch. 
Because I am always adding a new line on my bedpost. 
So when I meet Maya, she's just another conquest. 
There is something about her slender frame and long legs that keep me coming back for more.
With the end of the war in sight, I let my guard down and make her scream my name. 
But when I find out she's our enemy’s sister, I question everything.
And I am forced to decide what is more important. 
Ending the war for our club.
Or being with her.

A bullet to the shoulder.

That's all it took to take me down.
I thought I was f*cking tougher than that.
But one look at Ruby and I realize I'm not tough at all.
She makes the whole room spin,
Or is that the blood loss?
With those lips, and the curve of her hips,
I can't think straight.
Damn the Banderas Cartel.
I'll get revenge on them.
One day.
Especially once they go after Ruby.
Oh f*ck no.
Give me a bike.
And a vest.
I'll protect my family to the death.

Being locked up pisses me off. 


It was supposed to be a one-night stand.
I'm f*cking good at those.
But Birgid is... different.
And tough as hell.
I like her Irish Whiskey,
And the way her lips feel on my...
Skin. She's got secrets.
Hell, we all do.
That's what the MC is about.
Hers might get us all killed.
Just another day at the office.

She had my kid and didn't f*cking tell me.

After years of being overseas,
Things have gotten complicated.
I tried to protect Lexi.
From the harm, the drama.
So I cut contact.
To keep her safe.
But now she's a nurse and fixing up my enemies.
All while raising my son.
A son she never told me existed.
And I thought the military was tough.
Try loving someone who wants nothing to do with you.
This is going to be interesting.

I can't stand her. 


But that doesn't mean I won't sleep with her.
Chloe is smart, determined, and could out hack me any day.
I'll never tell her that though.
Because she's also cocky and a sellout.
And hot. So f*cking hot.
One night locked up with her is all I need to decide,
I want to hack my way into her heart.
Who cares if we kill a couple of ahole cartel guys in the process?
It's just how we roll at the Lost Boys MC.

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