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Killian (The Doherty Mafia #1)

We're enemies.

I have no interest in being a pawn.
But if that's what the family's want,
Then that's what they get.
Reese is pretty, powerful, and sassy to boot.
But when we learn this isn't the truce,
We were all expecting,
She threatens to run.
I didn't think I could stand her,
Now I can't live without her.
What's an Irishman to do?
Drink and chase the lass of course.
She'll be mine,
No matter what war our families are brewing.

Aidan (The Doherty Mafia #2)


She left.

Without even thinking to say goodbye.
All those years ago.
I thought I was done with those feelings.
But then she walks back in my life,
and BOOM.
They're back.
As hot as ever.
But Leah's hiding things,
I can tell.
And when she drops a bomb on our relationship,
I don't know if we'll ever recover.

Colin (The Doherty Mafia #3)

I shouldn't have been drinkin'.

Got myself feckin' married to some broad.
Pretty lass, but still.
Family is going to be all over my ass.
Especially once they learn she's a cop.
I should end it.
But when she's cuffed to my bed?
I don't ever want to let her go.
Trouble's brewin', I can feel it.
And in the end,
I want her by my side when it does.

Brendan (The Doherty Mafia #4)


Things aren't always how they appear.

Rosalie left me,
But on a chance meeting, I find out why.
I have a son.
And she never told me.
I wish I could hate her for it,
But instead, I just want the instant family.
Until Baron sticks his feckin' nose in.
Now I've got bigger issues to handle,
Cause nobody's going to touch my new family.
And if they try?
Graves aren't hard to dig.

Tristian (The Doherty Mafia #5)


She needs protection.

Definitely from feckin' Baron,
Maybe also from me.
Elsie is sweet and innocent.
She shouldn't get involved with a guy like me.
But sometimes opposites attract,
And that little money whiz could take down his whole empire.
I'd like to see her do it.
For herself.
For her family.
And until she can,
I'll do anything to keep the little lass safe.

Nolan (The Doherty Mafia #6)


Her father is the feckin' enemy.

She thinks I don't know.
That I won't tell anyone.
But I will, when I have proof.
For now, I'll play along with her little ruse.
Until she gets in my bed.
Now I'm hooked.
How the hell do I get into these messes?
And what lengths will I go to to get both of us out?

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