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Girth (Marked Skulls MC #1)



They call me Girth for a reason.

I’m a damn giant. The muscle in the MC.
It’s why I get sent out on loan when some of our brothers down South need some help.
And by help I mean crush some guys' skulls.
That’s what the Marked Skulls are good at.
Name fits, right?
But when I get there, I’m tasked with protecting the President’s daughter, Lila.
She’s petite and gorgeous and all I can do is look.
The Pres made it clear, I can’t touch.
What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him, right?
Until he finds out.

Rodeo (Marked Skulls MC #2)


They call me Rodeo, ‘cause I was made for ridin’.

When a member of our MC turns up dead, I know exactly who did it.
But when I show up at the witness’s house to confirm my suspicions, she tells me something I don’t wanna hear.
It wasn’t the MC I thought. It was someone else.
So now we have two enemies. And I have to keep her safe from both.
Because she’s beautiful and fragile.
She needs someone like me to take care of her.
And I do, all night long.
Things usually get complicated when I try to rope a girl.
But this level of complicated? 
This is a whole new thing.

Abe (Marked Skulls MC #3)


Just like Abe Lincoln, I got shot.

You’ve got to be kidding me.
If we’re going to stay safe, we need to grow the MC.
And I’ve found a good guy to join up.
Except his sister hates me.
Too bad, because she’s a beauty.
Those curves, and long legs.
I’ll convince her to be mine.
And let her brother join the MC.
I’m honest, after all.

Oz (Marked Skulls MC #4)



I might not be a wizard, but I’ve got magic below the belt.

When I see Kaya for the first time,
I know I have to make her mine. 
She thinks she is nothing special,
Just a waitress.
But she has no idea how her curves make me feel.
How bad I want to touch her skin. 
But she’s not safe with me. 
Not until I exterminate this threat.
The Dark Legions are going down.
For good this time.

Dash (Marked Skulls MC #5)



I never stay in one place for long…until her.

The Dark Legion and the Hell’s Drifters kidnap me,
But when I get out of here, I’ll make them pay.
I know my brothers in the MC are looking for me,
But I don’t know how long it will take. 
The only thing that is keeping me sane is Harley. 
She has risked everything to take care of me.
If the Dark Legion or the Hell’s Drifters find out,
They will kill her.
And I won’t let that happen.
When I escape I’m taking her with me. 
Because for her I’m sticking around.

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