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Brooks (Dirty Misfits MC #1)

Prison food sucked.
But now that I'm finally out,
There's only one dish I'm looking for...
A dark-haired beauty named Raven.
She was my best friend's girl.
But he's gone now.
And it's all my fault.
It's only right that I should take care of her.
But once I lay eyes on her again,
I know I want to do more than comfort her.
I don't know if I can control myself.
And then there's the f*ckin club.
Things have gone to sh*t since I got locked up.
I can barely take care of myself...
But now Raven,
And the club?
Prison was easier. 

Porter (Dirty Misfits MC #2)


She is so f*cking off-limits.
So obviously, I have to have her.
Brooks is the only guy I trust around here anymore.
And Astrid is his little sister.
But I can't control myself.
She's curvy, delicious, and everything I shouldn't touch.
What Brooks doesn't know won't hurt him...
Until he finds out.
I'm a dead man.
The club is getting more complicated,
And so is my relationship with Astrid.
What happens when it's more than just sex?
I miss stealing cars.

Archer (Dirty Misfits MC #3)

I won't let anything happen,
not to another woman as long as I live.
Josie's had it rough.
I can tell.
She needs someone to protect her,
Save her.
Keep her close.
I want to be her hero.
But MC guys aren't f*cking heroes.
We're the bad guys.
Except for her,
I don't want to be anything other,
Than her knight in shining armor.
Hard when I'm planning a murder.
Being a player was easier than this.

Cole (Dirty Misfits MC #4)


I'm not a good guy.
Molly is innocent and sweet.
I don't want her to get wrapped up in my world.
But I can't live a double life either.
I'm a Dirty Misfit through and through.
Once she knows who I truly am,
She'll run.
As she should.
Until I find out she's having my baby.
I'm going to be a dad.
How the hell do I change a diaper?
Step one: put down my glock...

Tanner (Dirty Misfits MC #5)


She was the one that got away.
Summer and I had plans.
Run away together.
Have our own life.
But on the day we were supposed to leave,
She bailed.
Haven't heard from her in years.
Until she shows up, with my kid.
Talk about Daddy issues.

Finn (Dirty Misfits MC #6)


She's nothing like me.
Like us.
Like the Dirty Misfits.
Sloane's a cop.
And I ain't going back to juvi.
F*ck that noise.
So why am I hung up on her?
She's a badass for one.
But still, she's not for me.
Until she gets hurt.
Now I'm stuck with her.
Taking care of her.
Protecting her.
And falling for her.
This was easier when she was just a badge.

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