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Bolt (Iron Thunder MC #1)

She might be the enemy.

When Cassie shows up looking for her brother,
I know she's trouble.
Just the kind I like.
Chip sold our shipment to a rival MC.
He's a traitor.
But is she?
I'll make it my mission to find out.
Even if that means tying her to my bed,
I'll get the answers I need.
She's feisty and stubborn,
Just my type.
She might be the enemy,
But, in the end,
She's the girl for me.

Flash (Iron Thunder MC #2)


She's sweet and innocent.

Allegra is perfect.
Sweet, innocent, everything I need.
While out on a mission for the club,
I meet Allegra.
She's serving coffee,
And a cute little smile.
I can't take my eyes off of her.
But she's got a past.
A bad ex-boyfriend that I'd like to end.
I'll keep her at the club with me,
Until a war breaks out,
That endangers the MC.
Allegra most of all.
I won't let those f*ckers touch her.
Because she's mine.

Drax (Iron Thunder MC #3)


She's my second chance.

Mary-Beth is off limits.
Her brother runs the Silver Knights MC.
I can't touch her.
Doesn't mean I haven't in the past.
Doesn't mean I don't want to do it again.
A second chance with Mary-Beth,
Could put the whole club at risk.
Until Crash puts her in harm's way.
Now I have to choose,
Between my club,
And the woman of my dreams.
I hate playing this game.
But luckily,
I play to win.

Ghost (Iron Thunder MC #4)


She's not like other girls.

Mercy is smart, sophisticated, and out of my f*cking league.
She was a nurse once,
But money was tight and stripping was easier.
Now that asshole, Eagle, wants her back with the Silver Knights.
Oh hell no.
I'm not letting go of Mercy.
Not now.
Not ever.
Sure, we're opposites.
But opposites attract.
And I'll do anything to protect her.

Spike (Iron Thunder MC #5)


She's not my type.

Sabrina is the mayor's daughter.
She's a job, nothing more.
Until I get a look at her.
But I can't touch her,
Thems the rules.
I can sure as hell look though.
My job is to protect her.
But from what?
Outside threats?
Or her father's mistakes?
Sh*t's getting complicated.
And in the end,
I only know one thing.
Sabrina is coming home with me.

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