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Cage (Dead Souls MC: Prospects #1)

We were never meant to be.

But that didn't stop me from loving Sutton.
She's smart, sassy, and her delicious curves scream my name.
Family drama threatens to tear us apart at every turn.
My father is dead, and I just found out I have a half brother who's the president of another motorcycle club? 
This is all insane.
Almost as crazy as I am for Sutton. Especially because her father killed mine.
But she's nothing like him. 

Bear (Dead Souls MC: Prospects #2)



Second chances and shootouts.

My life is a mess. 
After getting my a$$ beat by Lars guys I need to get stitched up. 
Lucky for me, Margot's hands are perfect for my body. 
It's been years since we've been together, but one night together brings all those feelings back.
I have to keep her safe. 
She can't get involved in the mess that the Dead Souls are now in.
But how will I let her go?

Saint (Dead Souls MC: Prospects #3)


I don't need guns.
I'll use my fists.

I'm over this mob. 
Especially when I find out they're trafficking women.
Including Amberly, the one that got away.
I haven't seen her since high school, and even though she's built up walls, she's as beautiful as ever.
And she has a kid.
He's six and we split up how many years ago?
Those assholes with the mob can't have him. 
I'll get both of them to safety. 
No matter what.

Ryker (Dead Souls MC: Prospects #4)



Blurb coming soon!

Toxin (Dead Souls MC: Prospects #5)



Blurb coming soon!

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