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Aidan is LIVE!

The second book in the Doherty Mafia is finally here!

Check out what reviewers are saying:

"Aidan and Leah once had something going until the unthinkable happened. Her parents were highly religious and once they were faced with Leah’s situation, they gave her a one way train ticket out of town and told not to return. It has been five years since she was in town and she only returned because of the impending death of her mother. What she found when she returned is her being caught in an upcoming war that has placed her in the middle with the man she left behind and the Aldo Baron. Leah has a difficult task, one that will either kill someone she loves or betray the other. Which will she choose and will she and Aidan be able to rekindle what they lost after she was forced to leave town?"

"I thought that this was a really good read. Aidan and Leah's relationship is complicated by a painful past and long buried feelings. Tension, turmoil, drama and intense emotions make a potent brew that simmers across every well written, attention grabbing page. Can't wait to read the next book."

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