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Archer (Dirty Misfits MC #3) is LIVE!

I am so excited for you guys to read Archer and Josie's story!

Curious what the early reviews are saying? Check them out below!

"This is a great addition to this series and I really liked it. The author creates a consuming world and complex characters that make you want to settle in and enjoy another thrilling ride with the Dirty Misfits MC. The storyline is intense, gritty, emotional, dramatic and suspenseful. I liked the pairing of Archer and Josie. Their attraction was easy to feel and they generated plenty of steam."

"Exciting read with plenty of action.

After Josie is severely beaten, Archer takes it upon himself to be her personal protector, my only gripe, which doesn't by any means detract from the story is ...... when will Chop get what's coming to him."

"Astrids best friend Josie finds herself badly hurt and Archer jumps right in to care for her. These two have a chemistry that absolutely cannot be denied. With Archer suspecting a club rival being responsible for hurting Josie, he's intent on keeping her safe at all costs. With all that's going on in this book, I was kept on the edge of my seat ready to see what's next with these two. Archer is another great addition to the Dirty Misfits."

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