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Cole is LIVE!

The fourth book in the Dirty Misfits MC is finally here!

Check out what reviewers are saying about Cole:

"What a wonderful new entry for this series. I'm a big fan of this series and have enjoyed each book but I thought Cole and Molly's story was something special. This couple's love and relationship were like an arrow straight to the heart. These two gave me all the feels and boy oh, boy did my heart ache for them. The story quickly captured my attention and held it until the last page was turned with its well crafted blend of action, emotion, drama, tension, violence, steam and danger."

"Cole is another great read from the Dirty Misfits. Needless to say Chops is still creating havoc for everyone and this leaves Cole uneasy, particularly because he just found Molly. Cole and Molly both seem to want things to go further but the relationship is new and they both have secrets that need to be shared before things go much further. Their story is a fast paced read and is full of surprises, twists and turns."

"Cole is the next book in Dirty Misfit series. MC, romance, still dealing with Chops and rival mc. Lots of action, drama and suspense. Not to mention surprises. Another must read by author Savannah Rylan."

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