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Diego releases tomorrow!

Diego releases TOMORROW!

Early reviews are coming in and readers are loving Diego!

"This MC Series is Enticing and More!

Love coming back to the Lost Boys MC to meet another group of guys, this time the Prospects. The first one is Diego who has been fulfilling his deceased brother’s contract with the Cartel. Unfortunately for the Cartel Diego thinks higher of his neighbor and a Lost Boys’ member, Notch than the Cartel and begins working with the MC. Diego quickly is attracted to Ruby, sister to another member and who’s studying to be a surgical nurse.

Book One does a nice job setting up the conflict that will ensue and the introduction of the players including, perhaps, a spy in the Club? Only time will tell.

I’m definitely recommending this book for another MC storyline that promises a high octane, highly sensual ride. PEACE.

I am voluntarily posting an honest review after reading an Advance Reader Copy of this story given to me by the author, Savannah Rylan." ~ Goodreads Review

"Great kick off to the “new” series! I will say make sure you have read the first 4 otherwise you kind of get thrown in the middle of the action but ruby and Diego are absolutely perfect she’s not some soft nieve thing and his not a hard ass that thinks he has the world by the balls kind of ends in a typical Rylan cliffhanger but oooooo so perfect." ~ Goodreads Review

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