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Flash is LIVE!

Ready to meet Flash?

Flash is officially live! Want a tease of him? Check out the excerpt below!

We’d spent the rest of the night eyeing each other. She seemed to keep her distance from me and every time she brought an order over to our table, she made it clear she didn’t want to make direct eye contact with me. 

I let her do her job, but I also let her know I wanted her.

She had to know. 

I’d been checking her out all night. 

When the others started making to go, I told them I’d see them at the motel the next morning. 

The place was practically empty now and I knew they were going to close up soon. So I decided to wait out by the back for her. 

Ten minutes, then twenty and finally I saw her step out of the door. I walked up to her and she gasped, clutching her bag to her breast from shock.

“Oh, my God! What are you doing? You scared me!”

“I didn’t mean to. I wanted to talk to you.”

Allegra licked her lips, her shoulders heaving as she watched me. The blue neon sign of the bar blinked above us. Even in this strange surreal light, she was strikingly beautiful. 

“I don’t think I have much to say to you, Flash. I really need to get out of here.” 

She looked nervous for some reason. 

“Why?” I asked. 

“Actually, this is my last night here…well, last night was supposed to be my last night but I kinda needed the extra cash so I…anyway, I don’t know why I’m telling you all this.” She added a nervous chuckle and looked up at me. I came closer to her.

“What are you trying to tell me?” I asked. 

I wished we were doing less talking and more fucking, but I got the feeling that she needed to be handled sensitively. 

She gulped and shook her head.

“I don’t know. Nothing. I’m not trying to tell you anything. I have to go.”

“Where? Where are you going?”

“I’m leaving town.”


“Because I…just have to. That’s the plan. I can’t stay here for too long.”

“Too long?” I asked, a little confused. Allegra shook her head. Her long dark hair shook too, messing up over her eyes. 

I closed the gap between us and hooked a finger under her chin. She faced me, her eyes focused on me. 

“I can’t stay anywhere too long,” she answered, but that didn’t explain much either. 

“I promise you, this won’t take long,” I said and gave her a moment. 

Her mouth parted. She was watching me closely. Waiting for me to take the next step. 

We lunged at each other at the same time. Our mouths fused and I grabbed her by the waist and picked her up. My tongue was inside her mouth. I shuffled forward, carrying her while she wrapped her legs around me. Her hands were all over me. My mouth was all over her. 

We pushed into the side of the building. Her back was up against the wall, pinned up to me. She tasted so sweet, just like I predicted. Her body was warm, so soft. With one hand, I undid her jeans and pushed my hand in. I felt the zing of her teeth on my earlobe. I just wanted to feel her pussy, her hot sticky pussy in my fingers. 

A bottle broke with a crash behind me. 

“What the…” I growled under my breath and looked over my shoulder. 

“Oh, my God! No!” Allegra screamed.

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