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Texas is FREE!

From now until September 18th, you can get Texas for FREE! So snag it while you can! Check out what reviewers are saying:

"OMG OMG OMG where do I start!!!!!!!!!!! this is book 1 of her newest series and unlike the last couple so far there is no mention of the other MC's she has written about which is a nice change in a way. Now onto this book specifically. (and no I REFUSE to give spoilers other than Holy COW YOU HAVE TO READ THIS) texas is the VP of the Lost boys MC and let's just say between his duty to protect his best friend's sister, a murder plot, an undercover cop, and a kidnapping you have all the makings of a book you WILL NOT want to put down!!! I love how she weaves a LITTLE bit of the back story into the beginning but for the most part, she jumps right into the actual story and lets it flow naturally. DEFINITELY DESERVES MORE THAN 5 STARS." - Goodreads reviewer

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