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Knuckles (Dragon Riders MC #4) is now available!

Knuckles is finally here!

Check out what reviewers are saying about it!

"Skeleton is still causing problems for our boys! Knuckles is heading out to do recon on him and as he is getting on his bike, Simone steps in front of him. His foster sister growing up and the girl he has loved forever. She is in trouble and knows that JayJay (Knuckles) can help her. The action and adventure continue as they all try to find Skeleton and keep their family safe. Simone and Knuckles renew their connection as they go. Another great read in the series!"

"This is a fabulous action packed story, quiet member of the crew Knuckles gets loud when his foster sister, whom he's been in love with since they were teens, is taken by Skeleton, he manages to get her back but now it seems the Feds want to join the party and a new prospect suddenly appears. Couldn't put this down and the next one Sly looks to be just as intriguing."

"Yes!!!!!! Talk about plot twists and lots of suspense like what does skeleton want with Simone and why are feds in town? Knuckles is so sweet but yet so different from link ash and bowser! I admit the past between Simone and knuckles is unique but wow!!!!!!!!!" You can get Knuckles HERE!

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