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Puck is LIVE!

Puck is finally here!

I am so excited for you to read Puck and Brigid's story! It was such a fun one to write! Check out what reviewers are saying about Puck below or on Goodreads!

"OMG OMG OMG talk about twists and turns worthy of the best roller coasters in the world!!!! cartel getting closing, a chance meeting at a bar apt named HOME RUN..... then a blow out of left field with a woman named Lori!!! once again Ms. Rylan has her readers on the edges of their seats with a book I promise you wont want to put down and with the cliffhanger that is left trust me Frost is proving to be just as impacted!!!!!!" ~ Goodreads Reviewer

"Love these two! Puck and Brigid are both tough, take no BS people and they especially don’t take it from each other. While the involvement with the cartel is heating up even more, the club meets with Irish Mafia that happens the be Brigid’s father and brothers. This was a non stop action that kept me engaged on every page. Great addition to the series!" ~ Goodreads Reviewer

"Puck will definitely keep you on your toes! It starts out intense and only gets more intense when he meets Brigid. She's a little spitfire and that's right up his alley. He loves a bada*^ woman. These two are a match made in heaven or he*l depends on how you look at it. Her family and his club working together may complicate things a little but they seem to be up for the challenge. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Puck." ~ Goodreads Reviewer

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