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Ready for a tease of Puck?

Puck releases on September 8th!

I am so excited for you to read Puck and Brigid's story! His release date is right around the corner and he is available for pre-order now!

Want to know what you are getting into before reading it? Check out the teaser below!

“When are they supposed to be here!?” Frost called out.

West snickered as I chugged back the last of my beer. Stone glared at the man as if he’d ask to see Hayden’s tits or something, but his glare was followed by lights flashing through the living room windows.

So, we all hopped to our feet and shook our heads.

“Sober up if you’re drunk and shut up if you’re not me or Texas. Got it?” Stone demanded.

“And me,” Asher said.

Stone shrugged. “You’re a given.”

“Anything else we should know?” I asked.

Stone sighed. “Don’t fuck this up. This might just be our last chance at battling the cartel fairly.”

A knock came at the door as I tossed my glass bottle into the trash can. It crashed against another bottle, shattering into pieces as Stone opened the front door. The hallway walls prevented me from seeing the group of individuals that came through the door, but judging by the amount of different sounding footfalls, there were at least five of them.

If not six.

“Clancy Fitzpatrick,” I heard an Irish man say.

Stone’s shoulders flexed before he backed into our view to lead the people into our temporary clubhouse. “The name’s Stone, and these are my men.”

A man with dark red hair and green eyes that looked familiar came to the forefront, followed by three younger men that looked to be variations of the older one. A father and his sons, how quaint. And yet, their accents did nothing to settle my gut the way Stone said it would.

But nothing could have prepared me for when the sea of men parted, revealing the reason why Mr. Fitzpatrick’s eyes looked so familiar.

Is that—

“These are my sons,” the man said, “Torin, Rowan, Shea, and Korin. And this is my daughter, Brigid.”

The guy named Rowan chuckled. “Don’t let her stature fool you, though. She’s the strongest out of all of us.”

Don’t I fucking know it.

The second my eyes fell upon hers, I froze in place. Holy fucking hell, I’d just fucked our new contact’s daughter. I almost swallowed my tongue, causing me to cough, which warranted a glare from Stone yet again.

And as I turned my back to compose myself, I let the reality of my situation wash over me.

Good God, I am so fucked.

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