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Sly is finally here!

Sly is officially LIVE!

Check out what reviewers are saying:

"Sly and the Dragon Riders MC is skeptical of a possible new Prospect Chains (Ben) who seemed to show interest in joining just as the Feds left town. Tara is Chains' sister. She has recently moved in with him after she lost her job. When he needs her as a prop in his investigation she readily agrees. Sly may be wary of Chains but he knows he wants Tara and just as they are getting close an old enemy threatens to tear them apart.

Great story. It is intense, intriguing and unpredictable. The characters were well developed and relatable. The story continues from where "Knuckles" ended and I cannot wait for the next book."

"Loved! This is Sly and Tara’s story. Sly is used to keeping women at arms length seeing how whipped his brothers had become with their women. When Chains wants to join the MC, suspicions arise at the timing. Chains brings his sister, Tara, to the bar with him. Sly lays eyes on her and he is done for. With the MC still trying to get Skeleton, the guys must work with an unlikely partner to go after him. Great characters and a great story!"

"Ok where do I start!!!! Talk about knocking the story out of the ball park!!!!! This one does exactly that! Sly is the club “flirt” and he has been the skeptical devils advocate through the whole series and it’s great watching him back Pedal!!!! And Izzy or Tara is the fun loving take no sass girl that sly needs!"

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