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Tanner is LIVE!

It's the home stretch as we grow a little closer Tanner from the Dirty Misfits MC!

Before you click the link below to grab your copy TODAY, check out what readers are saying!

"I enjoyed this emotional, action-packed and intense second chance romance. Tanner and Summer's story provides a solid balance between feels and needing to be perched on the edge of your seat. There is more than enough drama, danger, excitement, tension and emotion to keep your interest focused and give your heart a workout."

"Tanner and the Misfits are still at odds with the Black Flags and Chops. It seems they're always a step ahead no matter what the Misfits do. This time they're going after Summer. Summer is Tanner's High School sweetheart and she's been keeping a BIG secret. This ongoing war with the Misfits have with the Black Flags prevents Tanner from calling Summer out about the secret though. The Black Flags hit hard and fast this time and the Misfits are in for the fight of lives."

"This book is Tanner and Summer’s story. It picks up right where the last book left off. Tanner finds out he has a daughter. The one woman he loved, his high school sweetheart, who was supposed to run away with him after graduation... who never showed up..... As Tanner and Summer figure things out, the crew is still trying to gather a plan of attack on the Black Flags and how to get Chops out of their lives permanently. Hopefully, in Finns book, they are able to get Chops and the Black Flags dealt with once and for good!"

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