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Texas is FREE until Friday!

The first book in the Lost Boys MC is FREE until Friday!

Since the fifth book in the Lost Boys MC series is releasing on Wednesday, what better way to kick of the release week than with a freebie of the first book in the series! You have until Friday night to get him for 100% completely free. After that, he will go back to his regular price of $3.99, so make sure you snag this freebie while you can!

Still on the fence? Check out what reviewers are saying!

"OMG OMG OMG where do I start!!!!!!!!!!! this is book 1 of her newest series and unlike the last couple so far there is no mention of the other MC's she has written about which is a nice change in a way. Now onto this book specifically. (and no I REFUSE to give spoilers other than Holy COW YOU HAVE TO READ THIS) Texas is the VP of the Lost boys MC and lets just say between his duty to protect his best friend's sister, a murder plot, an undercover cop, and a kidnapping you have all the makings of a book you WILL NOT want to put down!!! I love how she weaves a LITTLE bit of the back story into the beginning but for the most part she jumps right into the actual story and lets it flow naturally.


"Wow is all I got to say about book 1 in this new series. Loved this read and the characters.

Ella is a single mom to a little girl Keva whom she shares custody with her ex whom was a member of The Lost Boys MC till her brother and president of the MC club threw him out due to him being abusive to Ella. So Stone has one of his members move next door to help keep an eye out on Ella and it’s something Jett really didn’t want to do at first. Jett moves in and then starts to go around Ella more and more helping her do things but Jett can’t fight the feelings much longer he has for Ella. Which Ella is also starting to have feelings for Jett and all the attention he is giving her and her daughter. They are scared to let Stone know about anything that happens between them since she is his sister and Jett is part of the club and best friends with Stone. When Keva is taking by her own dad Jett vows to get Keva back and make them all apart of his life. Will Jett and Ella get Keva back in time? How will Stone act once he finds out Ella and Jett are an item? Grab this book and read it you will love it from start to finish and can’t wait for the second book in the series to come out!

Highly recommend this read!!

I received this book as part of an arc to read and give my opinion." ~ Amazon Review

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