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Want a tease of Bear?

Bear releases on August 28th! But there is still time for you to pre-order him to make sure he is on your kindle the second he is live! You can pre-order him here!

Check out the tease of Bear below!

"He closed the distance between us, wrapping his arm around me. He pulled me close, causing me to gasp as I tilted my head back. My hands sank into his massive upper arms. I clung to him, feeling his girthy strength pushing against my curves. His head dipped to mine. I felt his breath softly against my lips. My eyes danced between his as I longed for him to kiss me. Longed for him to touch me. Longed for him to toss me onto this bed and have his way with me. “Bear?” I asked softly. “I should probably tell you I never stopped loving you. And I never will,” he said. Then, without another word, I reached up and captured his lips with mine. Because I hadn’t stopped loving him, either."

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