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Want a tease of Saint?

Saint releases on October 9th so you still have time to pre-order him before he comes out! In the meantime, check out this quick tease from the book!

As I rode back to the clubhouse with Bear, Amberly rushed through my mind. I couldn't get her off it now. I couldn't stop thinking about her. How small she’d always been, her head barely coming up to my chest and the slender beauty of her features. Those brown eyes that illuminated themselves with yellow sparkles whenever the lights of our classroom shone into them. That thick, dirty blonde hair I tugged on. Pulled on. Manipulated her with as I took her in the shadows of the black stairwell in high school. All the way in Louisiana. “My parents will think—” “I won’t leave any marks. Promise,” I murmured. “But I’m not—” “I gotcha, pretty girl. Just wrap your arms around my neck,” I said softly against her ear. She shivered. “But I don’t know what I’m doing.” And as a grin slid across my face, I kissed her cheek until my eyes found hers. “I know,” I said. I captured her lips as I pressed her back against the darkened stairwell. She wrapped her short, thin legs around me. Barely able to lock them as I laced our fingers together. I pinned her hands above her head. I kissed down her neck. Oh, if this sweet girl thought she was going to swim practice, she had another thing coming.

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