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Want a teaser from Jagger?

Check out the teaser of Jagger!

"She pressed her lips against mine and I felt the animal in its cage slam against the bars. I knew the second I touched her skin, it wasn’t going to be good. The warmth. The softness. The electricity that filled my muscles. I knew I was done for the second I brushed that tear away. But, I didn’t think she’d kiss me. I didn’t think she’d be that bold. Not after the rough conversation, we’d had. Especially not after I told her who the fuck I was. Her tongue slipped against my lips and the animal tugged on its chain again. I kept my movements gentle, slipping my arms softly around her bare waist. Fucking hell, I hadn’t felt a woman like this against me since my freshman year of high school. Her tongue was sweet. My lips opened up to taste more of her as my tongue slid across the roof of her mouth. She moaned down my throat. Pressed her beautiful curves into my body. Fuck, her body. It felt so good seated against mine. Her thick tits spilled over her bra before pouring into a slim waist. She had lines down her stomach, denoting the strength beneath the soft nature of her skin. My cock pulsed against my jeans. Her arms slipped around my neck. She stood on her tiptoes as my hands crept up her back, moving toward the clasp of her bra. And when she groaned against my lips, I removed the piece of fabric and tossed it to the floor. Then, I grabbed her ass and picked her up, wrapping her legs around my waist."

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